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In September 2010, a contribution of $1500 was made by Atefa Khanum (Sarabi) Khanakharab towards the repair cost of Arumkah Khanakharab in Kermanshah.

Of this $1500.

$500. was from Atefa Khanum (Sarabi) Khanakharab.

$500. was from Farbod, Farhang and Fardod Khanakharab

$500. was from Ali and Amir Khanakharab.


 Also, Eftakhar Khanum (Amini) Khanakharab contributed $150. in late 2010.


The donations are appreciated.  The donated monies will go towards the initial repair cost of Arumkah Khanakharab.


We hope in the near future to install lights outside the Arumkah.


Please Note: We have posted an exterior photo of the Arumkah Khanakharab on the Google Earth. You can excess the photo from your computer anywhere on earth.

Go to:

Google Earth.

Kermanshah Iran,

Find Park Shirin,

Look in Northwest corner of Park

At the intersection of Mohammad Ali-e-Aga and Naseri streets.

Click on blue squares to find Arumkah Khanakharab.
                                          Arumkah News as of July 1, 2010
             Arumkah News as of July 1, 2010


                    It is with high honor and great pride to report that the Khanakharab Arumkah with it its new name:

             “Arumkah Khan-don Khanakharab”

        The Arumkah is now fully restored and respectable to those 14 family members buried inside. 
        It is very clean, it is very beautiful inside and out, and is the talk of the town.


        The outstanding work was performed by our good family member who is also a
        building contractor, Khoda-dod Ahmadee with the lowest possible cost. 
        Doing this job as a not for profit work and at cost only. We are much grateful to him
        and his son Mohammad for given so much of their free time to this job.
        I also want to thank all the family members that contributed time and money to this cause
        … THANK YOU!!


            Repair work that was accomplished on the Arumkah, include:


         ROOF: The entire roof was replaced. Five (5) courses of bricks were added to the front  
         of the building to make room for the new Name. New stone capping has also been added.


        EXTERIOR WALLS:  Cleaned graffiti and advertising signs.
        All stones were sanded and refreshed. The bad brick works were replaced, repaired,
        relined and filled with new mortar. 


       FRONT: New special decorative tiles similar to the old tiles were ordered
        from Isfahan and placed in the area of the old tiles.  The old two line poems were                    added to the new tiles and installed. Several new religious verses were also added to new tiles.


         DOOR: The old door has been replaced with new Iron and glass door with new lock and                 key.  The old door has been saved.


        WINDOWS: all windows replaced with new windows.


          INTERIOR: The old cracked walls have been repaired as new. All inside walls have been             cleaned, all brick joints filled with new mortar.


          FLOOR: The old dirt and broken bricks floor, has been replaced with new white
           marble tiles. The floor has been relined to be all on the same level.


           With the help from Mirase Farhanghi a translation of The Khanakharb Family Tree and
           Genealogy (as shown in this website) from English to FARSI is in progress…
           Once ready, they will be framed and be hung in the Arumkah both in English and in                          FARSI.


            The Arumkah has been turned over to the Kermanshah Mirase Farhanghi.
            They should be responsible for any future repair or maintenance works.
             However the family will be setting up an account just in case.
             We are presently working with local government to obtain a permit to install lights in the                   building.



                                                            Past History Shown Below:


                                                         Background Information from June 2008:



     The Historical Society of Kermanshah (Mirase Farhanghi) in June 2008 formally classified the Khanakharab Arumkah as a historical site worth keeping and protecting.
     They accepted the responsibility for its repair works according to their own specification.



                                             Amir’s September 2009 trip


      I went to the office of Mirase Farhanghi and inquired if there was any
      progress since June of 2008. Was there any time table, or plans
      made for the start of the repair works for the Khanakharab Arumkah?


      The answer was that the government appropriations for such
      project are on long term hold. Perhaps years! 
      No future time table for any repair work could be predicted or given.


                                              Arumkah Problem


        The day before, we had noticed that the condition of
        the Arumkah had further deteriorated since 2008.


        It had reached to a point that an immediate repair for its
        leaking roof and one cracked wall was necessary, as soon as possible.
        Without these two major repairs the chances were that the roof
         of Arumkah would not be able to withstand another winter and may                  collapse.





        After much persuasion an architect and an engineer from
        Mirase Frahanghi agreed to meet.  At the Arumkah, 
        with Amir Pishdad, Mehdee Yarvari, and Reza Masoodi and
        our Contactor Mr. Khoda-dod.Ahmadi  to determine the condition
        of the Arumkah. And come up with a solution for a quick repair.


                                              Solution for saving Arumkah


        It was unanimously agreed that the Arumkah needed immediate repair           work. No government funding was available.


        However,Mirase Farhanghi,  agreed to allow the family to do the
        immediate repairs to protect the building from further deterioration
        until such time when the government have the budget for the final                   repairs.



                                            Contributions and repair Cost
                                            as of: April 5, 2010)                 
                  Mohsen Yavari and Children….$300 
                  Amir Pishdad and Children……$500

                  Olampia Pishdad…………………$150

                  Lida Yavari………………………….$150

                  Mehdee Yavari…………………….$  50
                  Nader Yavari……………………….$200


       The estimated emergency repair cost is $6000-$7000.

       Amir Pishdad Khanakhrarab agreed to pay for the additional cost of                repairs above the amount collected. He has ordered the repair work to            begin immediately.


       The Magbareh is now under repair. Roof and interior repairs
        will be completed soon. Exterior works will depend on weather
        and special tiles that must be ordered.  A marble cut stone also
        has been ordered with the inscription to read:  
                  Arumkah Khan-don Khanakharab
          (in Farsi). The old poems will be added when government makes finial repairs.


         Request for permit for power and inside lights is also on the drawing board.  


                 We would love to hear from you.
                 Please, contact Amir, if you wish to contribute to this project.

                   This article was published in  GHARB NEWS  September 2009 in Kermanshah… 
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